Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Yankie Doodle Sweetheart

Last 4th of July I remember saying to myself I absolutely want a baby by next 4th of July. So I was very excited this year that I got to spend it with Keifer! This year Independence day fell on a Monday so we just had a nice relaxing day and then went over to my parent's house at 4:30pm. My parents moved to Howe just a few months ago so this was going to be our first July 4th in the new house. It was very weird not to be out in Princeton with all the fireworks but we had fun and look forward to starting new memories.

My Mom's friends Ann and Kyle were there and LaDonna had 4 of her friends over. Dad made his amazing BBQ for dinner then we just hung out until it was dark enough for fireworks. I wasn't able to get pictures of Keifer looking at fireworks this time because it was too dark but he enjoyed them just as much as Saturday night.
Keifer and Daddy

Keifer and Mommy

Keifer and Auntie B

Keifer and Nay Nay

Keifer and Aunt Trin

Keifer and Harry

It was way past his bedtime but he hung in there for fireworks but he was fading fast

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