Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Look Familar?

Today Keifer is 12 days shy of his 4 month birthday. He has still been fitting in some newborn clothes but I have been putting him in 0-3 month clothes cause I'm ready to move on. You probably recognize this outfit from our 4th of July weekend. I bought this for Keifer to wear on his first Independence day but it swallowed him. So today was the first day he had worn it since that weekend. He looks so cute in it and better late than never so here is his Independence day outfit.

Just a Saturday Morning

This Saturday Jason and I had some running around we were going to go do. While Keifer and I were waiting on Jason to finish getting ready to go Keifer started talking. I love spending every day with him and I'm so blessed that I get to hear him talk everyday. This is just a normal day for us. Today Keifer was telling me what he wanted to do today and where he wanted to go. : )

Daddy makes me laugh

Keifer talks and smiles a lot but here lately he has actually been laughing. It is the cutest thing you have ever heard and Jason and I find ourselves making the silliest faces and some of the craziest noises to just hear him laugh one more time. This day Dad surprised Keifer of coming home during the day for a few minutes to say hello. Jason was making silly noises to make him laugh and at first I just took pictures of him laughing until Jason asked, "Why aren't you recording this?" Good question so I got out my phone to share this precious moment.

Monday, August 22, 2011

August 21st

One year ago today Jason and I were enjoying the wonderful beaches of Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. I will never forget this day as long as I live. Our hotel room had a balcony that went out onto the roof of one of the restaurants on the beach. You could walk on the roof and see a lot more than just sitting on the balcony. When I woke up at 5:30 and found out I was pregnant there was no way I could go back to sleep. (even though I was exhausted) I wanted Jason to wake up too so we could talk but he was still very tired and had NO PROBLEM going back to sleep after I told him the results. I peeked out the curtains to our balcony and saw that the sun was just starting to rise so I decided to hop on the roof and watch the sun come up over the ocean. The beach was completely empty expect the hotel worker setting up chairs and an arch for a wedding that day. I just looked and thought about our wedding day and how far we had come. I prayed to God thanking Him for answering our prayer and asking for guidance and wisdom as I embarked on this new journey. I felt like I went to Mexico one person and came back as another. I left my childhood and days of a young married couple behind. I was coming back as a Mom and a woman.

The Roof that I sat on looking back at our hotel room balconies

My view from the roof (this is not that morning)
 The wedding that I was watching the workers set up
Jason finally woke up and we went for breakfast then just enjoyed laying out at the pool all day. It was our last day there and I wanted to enjoy it but the truth was I couldn't wait to get back and tell everyone we were having our first baby...

Jason enjoying the pool that morning after breakfast
This past year has gone by so fast and it has been so dear to my heart. I look forward to many more years and I'm surprised at how far we've come. I have the best husband in the world and Keifer has a wonderful Daddy. I couldn't have asked God for any better of a son. I can't believe not only how far we've come but how far Keifer has come...

4 weeks old (Not Keifer, but you get the idea)
Exactly one year later!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Leaving an imprint....

Yes Keifer actually left an imprint on himself! He was taking a nap this morning and when he woke up I saw a huge red spot on his leg! I was freaked out thinking he got some kind of rash then I saw it.... I laughed so hard. He had fell asleep with his left foot on his right leg. I was so amazed at how perfect of an indentation it was that I had to take some pictures!

Friday, August 12, 2011

3 Months

I know I have said this on the past two months but time is just flying! I have no idea where it is going and I find myself torn between wanting my newborn back and enjoying all the things Keifer is doing and looking forward to what is to come.

A few fun facts about Keifer:
He is in size 1 diapers, he is STILL wearing NB clothes (except the pants, he is too tall) and he has been able to fit in a few 0-3 month onesies. Unfortunately 0-3 pants are way too big so he wears his newborn shorts, his newborn overalls, or just a onesie. Keifer has been alert since the day he was born but he has just continued to be so alert. He just looks around the room and stares at all his surrounding taking this big world in. He has found his head and it is so funny. He just takes his hand and rubs his head going aww aww. Too cute! He laughs, smiles, and talks sooo much. He is getting very loud and has 2 different types of talking. He is staying awake 2-4 hours at a time and eats 6 times a day. He still balls his fist up but he is starting to relax his hands when he is awake and not just when he is asleep. I changed out his padding in the car seat to the bigger size for his headrest. His nicknames that we call him are K, Little Bit, Smiley Boy, and Fussy Bussy when he is getting grumpy. He LOVES to shove his fists in his mouth and suck on them. He always has to be grabbing something. When I feed him he holds onto my shirt, he constantly pulls at his shirt, he holds his burp rag. blanket, monkey man, or my hair. (We will defiantly be working on breaking that habit when he is a bit older.) Keifer is holding things really well! He can hold a toy for 15-20 minutes and he can take his pacifier out of his mouth and hold onto. I have only seen him able to put his pacifier back in his mouth twice. Hopefully he learns that soon. However he is not a fan of his pacifier so much if he isn't tired and ready for bed. Keifer's favorite things to look at are ceiling fans and the TV (even though he is not suppose to be watching the TV.) Keifer has always kicked and wailed his arms around but he is doing it a lot more! For our 3 month check up with Amy from the Birthing Center she said he talked more than any other 3 month old she had seen and he moved so much that she thought he would be crawling very soon.

Jason and I have decided not to take him to his "well visits" at the pediatrician anymore because it is $200+ every time we go and all she does is check his weight, height, and head circumference and tell us, "He looks good and is healthy." So instead of exposing him to the other sick children in the office I bought a scale and decided to track his growth myself. I found a percentile calculator on the internet and here is what he is for 3 months old. Weight 10lbs. 15oz. putting him in the 5th percentile for boys his age and he was 24.5 inches long putting him in the 50th percentile for height. Looks like we are going to have a tall skinny boy on our hands. He has very long legs just like me.

Breaking his neck trying to look back at the TV

Such a smiley boy!

 Sucking his fists as usual!

To my little boy,
You have brought so much happiness and love into my life that I didn't know was possible. Mr. Webster can not define what I feel for you and there are no words to express it. I can't even imagine what life was like without you and I don't want to know what it would be like now! I thank God for you every night and am just amazed at his mercy and grace. The biggest blessing He ever gave me was choosing me to be your Mom. It is such a honor and I'm so humbled that I am the one who gets to see your beautiful smiling face every day. I just stare at you while you are asleep and try to soak up every minute of you before you are grown. Every day I try to remember exactly what you looked like that day so I never forget you as a baby. I'm going to miss the days so much when I can't hold you and rock you anymore. I'm getting teary eyed now just thinking about it. However, I so look forward to the memories we will make in the future, the conversations we will have, the things you will say and do to make me laugh and watching you unfold into a man of God before my eyes. I pray that you have wonderful life full of opportunities and so much love. I pray that you will keep your eyes focused on our Lord and put Him first in all that you do. This is a song that I sing to you daily and I mean every word of this song when I sing it to you. Thank you for being so happy and smiling all the time it lets me know that I must be doing something right and that you love us!!! But most of all thank you for being my son and giving me the gift of being a Mommy.

Bring Home Outfit

As soon as I found out I was having a boy I couldn't wait to buy clothes for him. So I found myself going to Babies R Us quite often looking. When I was about 6 months pregnant I bought Keifer's outfit to come home in. I would go in his room and just sit and imagine what it would be like when he his finally in his room and I would get his outfit out about once a week and try to picture my little boy wearing it. When the time finally came for Jason to dress him in it on that special day I was so excited! He was so gorgeous!!! There was only one little problem, it didn't fit in ANY WAY possible.

So I set it aside for the day he could wear it. I waited and waited and waited and waited some more until 2 nights before he was 3 months old he was big enough to wear it....

I love this little guy!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Remember the Alamo...

Good, because unfortunately I didn't get to get any pictures of it.

Jason has been working a lot (which is a huge blessing) but we felt like we were ready to get away. I thought Keifer is just shy of 3 months and it is time. We decided to just drive down to San Antonio for Friday night. We were not planning on staying Saturday night because we didn't want to miss church Sunday and Jason had a big school roof going on that he couldn't leave for too long. So on the morning of Friday, the 5th of August Jason headed out to Prosper for the school roof while I stayed home got Keifer dressed and packed. Normally just one night would not consist of more than one bag but things are different now, much different! I had to go over my checklist twice to make sure we would have everything we needed for Keifer to be gone for one night.

Jason got home around 12:45 so we got the car loaded up, Keifer strapped in, stopped by the post office, then to Chick Fil A for lunch, then nothing but highway for 5 hours. Keifer did GREAT for his first road trip. I could not have been any prouder of him. He stayed awake the first 30 minutes we were on the road then slept for 2 hours until his feeding time. After I fed him he stayed awake for a hour just talking to himself in his car seat then fell back asleep for the rest of the trip. Not a single cry out of him the entire time!

At 6:47pm we had arrived at  The Marriott Riverwalk. Jason and I have stayed in this hotel that last two times we came down here and we love it. This is a picture of our hotel from the Riverwalk.

As soon as we walked into the lobby we knew something was up! The place was CROWDED and we were the only ones not in costume. We went to the front desk to check in and they informed us that there was an anime convention going on in our hotel. There were about 2,000 people there for the convention and we learned quick that we chose the wrong weekend to come. However, we were there and we were going to make the best of it. After waiting 15 minutes for the elevator (because it was soooo busy) we finally got settled into our hotel room. I fed Keifer while Jason unwinded and watched some TV. I freshened up my makeup then we hit the Riverwalk.

Keifer couldn't take his eyes off the TV long enough to pose for a picture

No matter how many times I go there I still think that place is beautiful and such a treasure in Texas. Keifer was laying in his stroller just taking in the sights. He loved looking up at the trees, all the lights, and for the first time he noticed the night sky. He had his little head faced up the entire time, you couldn't even talk to him. Jason and I decided to go to the Mexican restaurant called the Iron Cactus where we went to the first night of our honeymoon. It brought back some wonderful memories and just reminded us of how far we have come. I loved that we could bring Keifer there and show him where it all started.

After dinner it was time to head back to the hotel to feed Keifer and get him in bed. I think all the excitement  of a new place kept him awake. He just laid there talking and talking and talking until he finally fell asleep at midnight. He must have been ready to start his day he woke up at 5:00 then again for good at 7:45! That is not like him at all. I guess he didn't get the memo that you are suppose to sleep in on vacation. We got up got dressed, packed up and headed down to checkout. The valet was nice enough to let us load our luggage into the car then leave it at the hotel so we could start our fun filled day! We planned to meet Aaron and his wife for lunch. They own the Pitstop, a car repair shop right down the road from our house. It is such a small world we had run into them the night before and they had asked us to join them. We went to Joe's Crabshack then planned on walking the river, going to The Alamo, and finishing our day at the Wax Museum. Our plans got cut very short. We walked the river after lunch for about 15 minutes and it was way too hot for Keifer in this Texas heat. If we had our hotel for another night then we could have gone back to the hotel and rested then gone to those two places after but since we didn't it was time to get the car and head back home.

On our way out of town we drove past The Alamo so Kefier could at least see it but there is no place for you to leave your car to jump out a take a picture. We filled up with gas and was on the road at 1:45pm. Now remember I told you Keifer woke up at 7:45am. He was so excited with all that was going around that he had not taken a nap. He still did great, he never cried just rubbed his eyes letting us know he was sleepy. After him being awake 6 hours I knew we were not going to sleep good Saturday night. As I learned at his second Ranger game if he doesn't nap then we are in for a loooonnnnnnggggg night! Keifer slept the whole way except for waking up to eat at feedings. It was nice to get away but Jason and I learned it is a lot more demanding to take a baby on vacation and out of their "everyday routine" I think we will think twice before heading out of town again and we will probably wait until he is a little bit older. All in all I would say it was a nice getaway and Kefier even seemed to be happy with it. This is Keifer telling his Daddy about his trip and what he did.....