Tuesday, May 8, 2012

10 Months

Two VERY short months until Keifer is ONE! (Which is so weird typing that because I have slacked on updating his blog and as I write this he will be turning one tomorrow!!!) Every day that passes I grow more and more in love with him! I never knew I could love someone so much but I thank God every night for blessing us with him!
There is some big news that came with turning 10 months old, Keifer FINALLY started to crawl on all fours! And let me tell you... He is FAST! So many people have commented to me how fast he can crawl. I think he is making up for lost time. He is thinking wow, why did I wait so long?!?
Keifer's Stats
Weight: 15lbs. 6oz
Size 2 Diapers
Clothes: 3 months and 3-6 months
This is the list of new foods that I have introduced him to this past month....
Cheerios, Cucumbers, Strawberries, Spinach, Rutabaga, Navy Beans, Black Berries, Cinnamon Oatmeal, Grated cheese, Apple slices, Brisket, and crackers
Sleep Schedule has been so bad and off! He has not been taking afternoon naps and waking up twice in the middle of the night. I have had my small group at church praying for us!
He says Dadda, Momma, Banana (which sounds like nana) and dog


Going to the ZOO

 The weather has started to get nice and it puts you in the mood to go outside! So we decided with just a few days shy of 10 months we would take Keifer to the zoo for the first time. Since he is always so observant, studies every thing and LOVES playing with Balboa and Nova, we thought this would be the perfect idea! However, Saturday got here and the weather had cooled down again. It was a little chilly and windy but we were determined to have some fun so we bundled Keifer up and headed to the Gainsville Zoo. Jason had just told me this zoo existed. I had only ever heard of the Dallas or Ft. Worth Zoo but this one is so much closer to us. It is not a very big zoo but for a young child that can't hang all day it's perfect! Just long enough to have a good time and enough animals to get a variety. 

Keifer wasn't near as interested as we thought he would be and was in a very blah mood. Not like him at all but little did we know that he was sick. He started running fever on our way home and his nose was runny. He had gotten his first cold so the next few days we stayed home and let him rest. We decided we would try again when he was feeling better.

Reading the Paper

Jason has been getting the Wall Street Journal in  the mail and we have been just collecting them after he reads them and saves them in a box next to the fireplace. Keifer loves pulling them out of that box and dragging them ALL over the house! I use to stop and pick them up but he would be on my heels pulling them right back out. So I decided to save some time just letting him play with them all day then after he goes to bed, pick them up. Just to start the whole process over again the next day! : )

Monday, February 27, 2012

9 Months

WOW! I'm beside myself at how quickly these months are going by now a days! Before I know it I will be writing about his first birthday. Keifer is growing daily and I'm having a hard time keeping up with all the new things that change moment to moment. The night Keifer turned 8 months old he said Dada. As hard as that was for me to admit his first word was Dada. Although it softened it some when two weeks later he said Momma! Learning those two words were his biggest accomplishment this past month.
Keifer's Stats: Weight 15 lbs. 2.5oz.
Size 2 diapers
Clothes 3 months and 3-6 months
I'm still making Keifer's homemade purees. However I've tried pureeing chicken and it just didn't work as well so I buy baby food that have meat in them. So about 90% of what Keifer's eats is homemade and fresh which I love and he does too! He knows when the blender is going that the noise means it's time to eat and he gets excited and screams and flaps his arms. He is a great eater and not picky at all!!! I love it! Here is a list of what he has ate so far: Bananas (one of his favorites) prunes (which surprisingly he likes) rice cereal (we don't give him this anymore) apples, peaches, sweet potatoes, sweet peas, chicken, turkey, brown rice, yellow squash and butternut squash, carrots, avocado (and guacamole) re-fried beans, zucchini (another favorite) blueberries, and scrambled eggs
Keifer is pulling himself up to a kneel

Pulling himself to a stand

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Keifer's Playroom

As you can see in the Christmas pictures, Keifer got a ton of toys! He loves playing with all his toys and though I was happy he was having fun I was getting tired of toys invading my living room and bedroom. We have a "formal living room" in the front of our house and in the 4.5 years that we have lived here we have never done anything with it. So I was claiming the space and setting up residence for a play room. I had it pictured in my head and it was time to make it come to life.
For Christmas I had bought Keifer a set of foam letters to put in the living room while he was playing since we have hardwood floors and I didn't want him to get hit his head and get hurt. My plan was to put them down while he was playing and pick them back up when he was done. Luckily, I didn't have to do that with a play room set aside now. I ran to Target and bought 3 more packages to lay out on the floor. While I was there I saw this inflatable ball pit and thought that would go perfect! So I left with my 3 packages and ball pit ready to come home and get to work. I was so excited that I couldn't wait until the morning to put Keifer in it. Since then he loves it and we spend hours a day in there playing and listening to his Veggie Tales CD player.