Saturday, October 29, 2011


Keifer has been making this smacking noise with his mouth for awhile now and I finally decided to get it on camera. I'm not sure why he does it but it's pretty cute...

A whale of a time!

Keifer has outgrown his first "bathtub" so it was time to upgrade! I found a whale shaped tub at Target. He could lay down in it or sit up so it will be good for future use as well. The best part about it and probably the biggest reason I bought it is because it has a toy bar hanging from the top of it. Keifer is ALL about playing ALL day long so if he could play in the tub, EVEN BETTER!

Keifer had a blast in his tub and loved playing during bath time. He enjoyed his time so much that he cried and reached for his tub when I got him out of it. Looks like bath time is going to start lasting a tad bit longer!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sitting Up

That's how that works....

Daddy makes me laugh

Driving Mr. Keifer

Now that the weather has cooled down and that it is actually pleasant to be outside I have been taking Keifer for walks. For about the past month I have been just laying him down in his stroller instead of putting his car seat attachment on the stroller. Since Keifer has been doing better about sitting up this day I decided to let him sit up in his stroller like a "big boy" for our walk. He loved being able to sit up and look at our neighborhood during his stroll. This will defiantly be the way to go from now on.

Puppy Love

Keifer gets so excited every time he sees Nova. He smiles when Balboa walks by but there is just something about Nova that he loves! First thing in the morning when I go get him out of bed she follows me in there and Keifer always smiles and reaches down for her. Whenever he is playing and he sees her he stops playing and just tries to reach out for her. Nova likes him too! She ALWAYS comes and licks him. I think it is true what they say about little boys and their dogs. I can't wait to see their friendship grow as he gets older. Seeing how happy she makes him makes me so happy that we didn't get rid of our dogs (not that we were planning too) and that he Keifer can grow up with HIS Nova Dog :  )  This video is what occurs EVERY day at our house....

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Keifer's new hat

Saturday we went to Bass Pro Shop for Dad's birthday gift. We gave him a gift card there and all went shopping. I absolutely love that store and love walking around! I was really excited to take Keifer there because he is so alert and loves to look at all his surroundings. I thought what better place to take him so he could look at the fish tank, rattlesnake cage and all the stuffed animals that they have around the store. Before we headed there we went to one of my Dad's favorite restaurants in Grapevine. It is a Mexican restaurant called Esparro's.
About to go eat!
 Just playing with his book while we eat
 Everything was going good and then we got into the car to go over to Bass Pro Shop and he fell asleep. Keifer's naps are super important and I was NOT going to wake him up for pictures. So I just laid him in his stroller, covered him and let him nap for a hour while we walked around. Even though Keifer didn't get to see the store he still got 2 souvenirs from the trip. I bought him a pair of overalls and my mom bought him a baseball cap. It says, My First Fishing Hat. When we got home he was awake and ready to play so I tried it on him. The hat is still a little big but he looks cute none the less! : )

Nap time with Gpa

This past week we had plans to go have dinner at my parent's house and watch the Ranger's game. Dinner was at 6:00 because we had to be home in time to put Keifer to bed at 7:00. It was time for Keifer's nap and I didn't want to wake him up to leave for their house so I just went a little early so I could put him down for a nap there and Jason was going to come later. When I got to my Mom and Dad's house my mom told me my Dad was taking a nap so I decided to go lay Keifer down with him. It didn't take long for him to fall asleep. After about 5 minutes he was asleep and I had to take a picture of the two of them. It was very cute!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

5 Months

WOW! That is all I can say. I'm so surprised at how time is flying by. It seems like just yesterday I brought Keifer home and now he is all over the place. Keifer has changed so much in his short 5 months and I'm blessed beyond belief that God chose me to watch all his changes day by day. He is so much fun and I wake up every day looking forward to what he is going to do that day. There is never a day that goes by that he doesn't put a smile on my face and laugh.
Our biggest blessing weighs 12lbs. 12oz (0.6 percentile) and is 26.5 inches long. (71 percentile)
Keifer wears size 1 diapers and size 0-3 months in clothes
He laughs, smiles, and talks all day long!
Keifer is rolling all over the place and I'm learning that the days of laying him and leaving him are over. One evening we were playing in his room and I left him on the floor to go check on dinner and when I came back in he was on the other side of his room with his hands holding onto the bottom of his hutch, feet over his heading resting on the hutch and just saying ahhhhh, ahhhhh, ahhhh, Defiantly a memory I will never forget and one that makes me smile every time I think about it. He is so good grabbing things and holding things with his hands. He loves to pull his toys off his mobile. I'm pretty sure his only objective when you lay him under it is to make sure he gets all the toys off it. He is so curious and alert!!! Which is not a big surprise, however if you have something he has to have it and he wants to put everything in his mouth. I have changed Keifer's schedule this past month for his last feeding to be between 6:45-7:00 and he is asleep by 7:15-7:30 for the night. He recognizes people other than Jason and I which is fun to see him get excited. With that being said he is starting to cry and get scared when people he doesn't know try to hold him or get in his face. Last but not least, my all time favorite, is the facial expressions he makes. He has such a big personality and I can't even begin to imagine what he is thinking when he makes some of his faces!!!!
I'm looking forward to what the future holds and I love watching the world through Keifer's eyes. There is nothing to bring you back to reality then watching a new life begin!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Such a big boy

When Keifer was about 3.5 months old he was so good at holding things and I told Jason, "I bet Keifer could hold a bottle if he drank out of them." Well this night, October 6th, I had a Pampered Chef party to go and I left Keifer with Jason to get ready for bed. In the middle of the party I got a text from Jason with this picture and it confirmed my thoughts. My little boy is getting so big so fast and I wish I could say I'm sad but I'm actually having a blast with him!!!!!!!!!!

Teething Much?

I think we are officially in the beginning stages of teething now. Kefier creates enough drool to fill a small water bowl and has to have something in his mouth at all times. If it is in his reach he will grab it and chew on it...
Aunt B's necklace
 Mom's makeup bag
Fingers and even his whole fist at times
 This day I think his gums were hurting him pretty bad because he was fussy all day long if he didn't have something to chew on. Even during bath time. So I gave him this toy and as long as he had the turtle to chew on he was happy. As soon as he dropped it or it fell he got fussy again. Poor baby!
With that being said I decided it was time to get the teether out. This particular teether is actually a mesh feeder. You can freeze grapes, strawberries, melons, bananas, etc. and then place the fruit into this mesh feeder and the baby can  chew on the cold fruit and everything stays in this mesh bag. Another good thing about the mesh feeder is it has a plastic handle so the baby's hands wont get cold from holding onto it like other teethers.
Getting his bib on so no juice gets on his clothes

 Today's menu: Frozen Bananas

I think he really liked being able to chew on the cold fruit and I'm going to try some other fruits next!

Tummy Time Toy

When Keifer was about 6 weeks old I went to a Discovery Toy party and got him some toys. I knew he would not be able to play any of them for awhile but was excited to get my order in. Today I decided to get out one of his tummy time toys and let him play for the first time. Keifer had fun and I know he will only enjoy his toy more and more the older he gets.

 It was all fun and games until Keifer realized the Texas Rangers were on TV

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Road to Reading

Part of our night time routine is to read Keifer a book before bed time. I started reading him books when he was about a month old. Even though I knew he didn't pay attention to the book, I wanted him to get use to reading books. It has been so fun watching him as he grows and starts to actually look at the pages. Every night after I finish reading his book Jason comes in and turns off his bedroom light then says a prayer. One night Jason came in and listened to me read Keifer his book. Jason made the comment, "Wow, he really does look at the pages and pay attention." He has even got to the point where he grabs the page and turns it. Sometimes before I'm done reading that page. : ) I've been wanting to get pictures of him so this night while Jason was reading him his book so I ran and got the camera.

 Reaching to grab the page

This Little Piggy Tastes Good

I wrote about Keifer finding his feet in his 4 month post. Well he has been playing with them more and more and for the first time the other day I found Keifer sucking on his big toe. Since he turned 4 months old I've been trying to only give him his pacifier at bed time or when he starts to cry in public. (which by the grace of God is hardly ever) So he thinks the next best thing to his pacifier is his big toe...