Sunday, July 3, 2011

Matching outfits

For my sister in law, Amy's baby shower I bought her a outfit for Hudson to wear on the 4th of July. I bought Keifer a matching outfit. Hudson had a red onesie and Keifer had a blue onesie. They both had matching shorts and hat. I bought them in size 0-3 months, however I didn't know that at almost 2 months old Keifer would still be in newborn.

This morning before church (being the 3rd of July) Amy text me and asked me put Keifer in his outfit so they could match. I tried on his outfit and it was not even close to fitting him. So 15 minutes before we had to leave I put it in the dryer on high heat to try and shrink it some. His outfit was still very big but he still looked adorable. Every Sunday after church we all go to lunch together. This Sunday we chose Olive Garden. We had a nice lunch but we couldn't leave without getting pictures of the boys!

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