Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Nifty Nifty Nay Nays Fifty!!!

Today was my Mom's 50th Birthday! Trinity and I had a whole day planned for her. We started with morning pedicures and lunch at The Durning House. I have never been able to get both Keifer & myself dressed and out of the house before 12:30 except for Sundays for church when Jason is here to help. So needless to say being out of the house by 10:15 was going to be a stretch. My plan was when Keifer woke up for his 6:30 or 7:00 feeding I would put him back down and get dressed until he got back up at 9:00. However my plan did not work. This was the first night Keifer slept through his morning feeding and didn't wake up until 8:40!!! I couldn't have been happier to sleep in and I was so happy that he slept 20 minutes shy of his 9-9 goal. However this was not the morning to do that. I only had a hour and a half to feed him, get him bathed, dressed, and myself dressed. Let me just say we set a world record today and was in the car by 10:10 and we were off for our day.....

Keifer slept all through our pedicures which was nice, he wasn't too interested in girls day at the salon. 

Afterward my Dad met up with us for lunch which Keifer was awake for and happy to be there. Next on the agenda was an afternoon fun of sun and swimming. Unfortunately Keifer and I couldn't attend because it was way too hot for him to be outside so I sent Mom, Trinity, and LaDonna off to Ann's house for some tanning time. Keifer and I came home and got ready for the dinner party. Decorations were up and cake was delivered.

Dad came over while the girls were gone to start dinner. Menu was shrimp, steak, chicken, baked potatoes, steamed broccoli, zucchini and squash

Once again Keifer slept through his second birthday party that he attended so we had to take family pictures without him unitl he woke up for just a few pictures.

We had a great day and hope Mom did too!

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