Sunday, July 3, 2011

Keifers moving out....

Keifer has been sleeping through the night for almost three weeks now so there was really no more need for him to be in our room. He eats at 9:00 then is down by 9:30. He sleeps soundless until 3:00 in the morning, He starts to grunt, snore and moan. I would get up almost every 30 minutes to check on him to find he is just asleep and making noise. Since he was sleeping through the night it was time for Jason and I to start sleeping through the night. So on June 29th we tried it out of putting him in his own room. Jason couldn't be happier, he wanted to move him in his room two weeks ago. I kept saying no he is not ready yet but the truth was momma was not ready! He has been growing so fast and that was just one step closer to him growing up.

I fed him at 9:00, changed his diaper, put on his pajamas, and brushed his teeth. The time had come... I laid him in his bed and all he did was laugh and smile! I turned on his sound machine and his light mobile that shines on the ceiling. I think he liked his room better than ours. He just stared at his mobile captivated! I left the room and he fell asleep on his own.

Keifer staring at his mobile

After I came back into my room I just stared at the monitor watching him. I cried harder than he has ever cried. I told Jason I don't want him to think we don't want him anymore. Jason tried to calm me down, it worked. I stopped crying and went to bed. I think it was still pregnancy hormones. : )  I wish I could tell you I enjoyed the sleep but I still woke up looking at the monitor in case I didn't hear him. He woke up at 6:30 in the morning to eat. After he ate he went back to sleep unitl 9:00 that morning. I missed him so I brought him back in bed with me from 7-9  : )  He has been in his own bed for 4 nights now and I have slept better. 

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