Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Three Strikes You're Out....

And the Ranger's were!!! This was the second game Keifer has been to and unfortunately they lost both times. However he has been lucky enough to be in a suite both times. I never watched a sports event in a suite until I was pregnant with Keifer so he is getting an early start. I told Jason, "Keifer is never going to be ok with stadium seating if you keep spoiling him with suites!"

This time was a little more special because we were in the owner's suite! Jason's Mom and Dad go to church with the owner of the Rangers and Parker has befriended Mr. Davis, so he was nice enough to invite Parker to a game and let him invite his whole family. It was such a nice evening! We got an endless amount of hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken quesadillas, chips and queso, and drinks!

After the night ended we got to meet Charlie Pride and ride down the elevator with him and his family. He was a very nice man and seemed very down to earth. He let Jason try on his American League Championship ring and loved the kiddos. Charlie made Keifer smile (not too hard to do) and talked with Savannah. Such a nice ending to a great time!

Keifer and Daddy

 Mommas and our boys

The Guys

Family Portrait

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