Tuesday, January 31, 2012

8 Months

With December being such a busy month I have to say that this month probably flew by the quickest. We had a lot going on and before I knew it January 9th was here and Keifer was another month older. However this time it was a little bit different. No, not because he was 8 months but because it was his first "month birthday" in a new year! We brought in the New Year at home playing games with my sister, Trinity and Jason's sister, Abby. New Year parties are not the same with a baby but it's ok because Jason and I have never been big on going out for New Years. Now that 2012 is here Keifer has lived in two years and the hardest for me to get use to.... This is the year he will turn 1!!! But not quite yet. We still have some fun and exciting months coming up including this one.

Keifer is still in size 2 diapers, just a few 0-3 months clothes, majority of 3 months clothes and a few 3-6 month clothes. He has gained almost a whole pound from 7 months weighing in at 14 lbs. 10oz. I didn't take his length this time because he would never lay still long enough for me to get it.

Keifer now has his 2 front teeth and 2 cutting through on his right bottom side. Keifer is army crawling, getting up on all fours and pulling himself up to a kneeling position.Everything must go in his mouth. (I think because of teething) This past month of being 7 months old turning into 8 months has probably been one of the hardest months I've had with him since he was going through his regression at 3 months old. Maybe it was a growth spurt or the teething but he has not been a good sleeper this month. His morning naps were usually good but he would only take an afternoon nap every 2-3 days when he exhausted himself enough to. Because of no afternoon naps the nights were long. Instead of his normal 7-7:30 bedtime we pushed his bedtime up to 6-6:30 and some days even as early as 5:30 because he was whooped by being awake since morning nap. He has been waking up between 12-2 to eat and again around 5-6 then waking up for good around 6:30-7:30 To be perfectly honest I wasn't sad to see this month go! I miss my sleep and Keifer reminded me that we are not ready for number two. (Not that we were thinking we were) I was ready for a fresh start so I gladly put on his 8 month sticker and looked forward.
 Unfortunately Keifer got his first battle scar. Balboa is jealous of him and waited for the perfect opportunity when Keifer crawled past him he jumped up and bit him under his right eye. That is the mark in this picture. It looks a lot better here and the scar only lasted about a week and a half. We were blessed that he didn't get his eye just a few inches higher. Needless to say Balboa is not inside while Keifer is crawling anymore.

 Keifer loves playing with his books so I snapped these few pictures after his 8 month photos

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