Sunday, January 1, 2012

First Thanksgiving

Unfortunately I really didn't take pictures of Keifer's first Thanksgiving, however it was a nice day. Thanksgiving morning we lounged around the house. Keifer and Jason took a nap while I cooked my broccoli and rice casserole to take to my Mom and Dad's house that afternoon.
After both the sleepy heads woke up we got loaded up and headed out to Howe. Jason's friend John joined us so they just watched the Cowboys while the girls finished in the kitchen. My Granny moved back from New Mexico and this was the first time we got to see her since she moved back. So today was the first time Keifer met Granny. We had a delicious meal (as always) and after dinner it was time for our annual tradition... I don't remember how many years this goes back but I can remember at least 10 years. My family buys each other Christmas ornaments and we exchange them on Thanksgiving. It is suppose to be an ornament that resembles something from the past year. Keifer of course got baby's first Christmas, Jason got a Daddy one and I got a sewing ornament for my new hobby I picked up this year.
 Keifer opening his ornament...He liked how the bag tasted more than what was in it
 After we opened our gifts we loaded up and headed home to get Keifer in bed. I realized I had to get a picture of Keifer with mommy on his first Thanksgiving so I took our picture before bed time!

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