Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Christmas with the Harrisons

Christmas morning after Keifer wore himself out playing with all his toys we laid him down for his morning nap while Jason and I got dressed for the day. Around 1:00 we headed over to my parent's house to do Christmas #3, by now Keifer was tired of opening gifts but still enjoyed playing with what was in the gift after Momma opened it.

 Keifer's first dollar...
 ...to put in his first piggy bank from his Aunt Trin
 Sporting Daddy's hat

 He has come to LOVE this Noah's Ark, he chews on all the little animals but his favorite to chew on his Noah's head
 His first Cowboy boots
 My Mom, Dad and I looked at these shoes when I was 6 month pregnant

 All these toys and the bottled water still gets his attention

 Keifer's hand print horse
Dad's seat covers for his truck
 Mom's curtains that Trin and I bought her and I sewed
We had a wonderful Christmas and I wish I would have taken more pictures of people lounging around but I didn't. I bought Jason a new grill for Christmas and hid it in my parent's garage and I forgot to take a picture of it and Trinity got my Dad a new flat screen 55 inch TV that I didn't get a picture of. After gifts we watched a little TV while LaDonna cooked us a delicious meal!

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