Sunday, January 1, 2012

Keifer's new hobby

Keifer and I were playing in his bedroom with his toys waiting for Jason to get home. I left him so I could go throw something away in the kitchen. As I got in the living room I heard this super loud noise!!! To be honest with you it sounded like the loudest fart I ever heard. (coming from Keifer this wasn't too far off of a guess) I hurried into his room because I was sure that he absolutely exploded out of his diaper and I wanted to get him before he got it all over the floor. (which has happened before) However, when I walked in his room I didn't see him at first. I looked around and found him in the corner by the closet door.
He had found the door hinge and was playing with it. Since this first time of him figuring it out he plays with it all the time! It doesn't matter what room he is in. He will find it in that room and head straight to it. Gives him entertainment for at least 10-15 minutes which is a long time for something to entertain him at this stage in life! Everything else is a few minutes until something else catches his eye to get.

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