Friday, September 9, 2011

First Day in the Nursery

Since Keifer was born we have only missed one Sunday of church. He has always just sat in service with Jason and I slept or if he wasn't asleep he would just sit in our laps quietly. Well for the past month or so he no longer sleeps during church and no longer sits in our laps quietly. He never cries but he talks or makes noises which still interrupts service. So Jason or I have to leave and go sit in the lobby with him and one of us ends up missing the service.

The Sunday before my sister in law put her son in nursery for the same reasons. He is younger than Keifer so I figured if he can do then so can Keifer. So before we left the house today I took pictures of Keifer before his big day.

 Daddy and Keifer before we left!
 We arrived at church at Jason and I walked over to the nursery and I got him all registered. Jason took my purse and Bible to save seats and I walked in to drop him off. The lady in the nursery went on and on how cute he was and took him out of his car seat and sat down in the rocker with him. I knew that she would take good care of him. I got my pager and joined Jason in the sanctuary. We got to BOTH sit together and listen to the sermon together. It was nice to be able to focus completely on what the Pastor was saying again. Keifer did great the whole service and my pager never went off. So I went to pick him up and the nursery lady had nothing but praises to say about him. She told me how cute he was, how he smiled and talked the whole time (like he always does) and said he is so small, how much did he weigh? I was happy that our first nursery experience was a success and I know he will enjoy playing with the other babies and being able to talk and laugh like he wants to!
Keifer's First Report Card
After church we came home and ate lunch while Keifer napped. When he woke up he was a happy boy and we took a few more pictures to finish out the day!
 such a happy baby...
 ...and a happy mommy!

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