Thursday, September 8, 2011


Keifer's Aunt Trinity bought him two little stuffed animals to hold onto. Kefier LOVES grabbing things and holding onto things. So Trinity bought him a penguin and a duck that fits good in his little hands. Keifer seems to like his ducky better than the penguin because it is flatter so easier for him to grab onto since the penguin is round.

This afternoon I had Keifer laying on his bobby doing his tummy time. I had my phone out taking pictures to share his tummy time but then after just two pictures of his tummy time he did the cutest thing I've seen him do and now that I think about it, it was the first time I saw him to do this.....

After I took this picture of him doing his tummy time he just stared down at the bed and I couldn't get him to look back up at me to get pictures of him. I wasn't sure what he was looking at but something had him fixated that he was completely ignoring me. Then I saw him reaching his arm out. It looked like he was trying to grab for his penguin that was laying on the bed in front of him. I wasn't sure if that is what he was doing or just a coincidence that he was stretching out his arm. Luckily I already had the camera taking pictures so I was able to track his progress.

It was a success! Defiantly one of the cutest things I've seen him do. He is developing so fast and that is just one step closer to Keifer gaining his independence. Thanks Aunt Trin for the little stuffed dolls, he loves them!

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