Wednesday, September 14, 2011

4 Months

Another month has past and I have fallen more in love with this little guy. He is getting to become so much fun and becoming more interactive with us. He smiles when he hears Jason or I talking and lights up when he sees our faces. A few fun facts about Keifer this past month....
As I wrote in the 3 month post he was starting to put his own pacifier back in his mouth. Well now he takes his pacifier out and puts it back all the time on his own. At 4 months he is finally in 0-3 months and still in size 1 diapers. However as little as Keifer is, there is one thing on him that is outgrowing his age... his feet! He is wearing size 6-12 month socks. Keifer defiantly takes after me with his long legs and big feet. He is getting so good at holding things with his hands. He grabs things, plays with toys, and holds his stuffed animals and blankets. When he sleeps he likes to pull his blanket over his head and if you pull it off he just pulls it back up. He loves to blow bubbles out of his mouth. He will just sit there and smile and blow bubbles. He has found his feet and loves to lift his legs in the air while holding his feet and roll back in forth side to side. One sad thing is he does not like to be held like a baby or to lay with his head on your shoulder. If I rock him he has to be sitting up in my lap. I was really surprised at how fast he grew out of that. Just the same as when he was born he continues to be so alert and pays attention to everything around him. Keifer will give you this look like he is really trying to figure out what you are doing or saying. It is so amazing how each month has such milestones in his growth into becoming independent. I thought I would be sad when he grew up and wasn't a "baby" anymore but I am having a blast with him and love being his mommy.

At 4 months Keifer is weighing in at 11lbs. 13oz. putting him in the 3rd percentile. Height 25.5 inches putting him in the 58th percentile and head circumference is 16 inches putting him in the 7th percentile. I love my small guy and think he is perfect in every way! : )

It's getting harder to take pictures of Keifer because he is getting so mobile and always wants to move around but these are the best pictures I was able to get!

After I took his tie off he was being silly and talking so I got a few pictures of him

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