Friday, September 30, 2011

Crossing the Border

This past weekend my mom, Uncle Roy, Kefier and I drove out to New Mexico. My Granny lives there and was in the hospital so we all loaded up early Friday morning and headed west. This was a last minute unplanned trip so we didn't plan anything to do while we were there. Packing for Keifer for 4 days was like packing to go cross country. I had to rent a little SUV just to accommodate all of his luggage. That being said it was a tight squeeze and I didn't even pack our camera. I was worried about how Keifer would do in the car for 13 hours and staying in an unfamiliar place for that long but he did better than I ever could have asked of a 4.5 month old. He was able to stay on schedule (even switching time zones) and just napped and played in the car. By the time we arrived Friday night it was time for him to go to bed for the night and he fell right asleep. We all got up Saturday and planned to go visit Granny in the hospital. With as young as he is I didn't feel comfortable taking him in so I sat in the car him while my Mom and Uncle Roy went in to see her. Then after about 45 minutes Mom came out and watched Keifer for 30 minutes while I went in to visit her. Keifer did pretty good waiting in the car that long but it was past time for his nap and he had a hard time falling asleep in the car. So the rest of the trip I decided to stay home with him and let Mom and Uncle Roy spend time with Granny.
We didn't really do anything other than stay at Granny's house and clean up for her but here are a few exciting things about Kefier this past weekend.....
1. He got to meet his Great Uncle Roy for the first time and Keifer sure did like him. Keifer always smiled at   his Uncle Roy.
2. Keifer got to see the mountains for the first time.
3. Keifer got to visit his first state outside of Texas.
....and last but not least on Saturday night September 24th Keifer rolled over from his back onto his stomach for the first time. Keifer rolls side to side all the time and scoots really good but this was his first time to roll all the way over onto his tummy and push his chest up with his hands.
All in all it was a pretty good trip and nice to just relax and visit. Like I mentioned before I didn't bring my camera but here are just a few pictures that I took of him on my phone while we were there.
Being a good boy waiting in the car at the hospital
 Picture I took of him after he rolled over Saturday night
 Keifer and his NayNay waiting in the car
 It was so cold at night so NayNay bought Keifer this  parka to keep him warm at night
 it did the trick!
 He wakes up happy no matter where he is : )
 Playing around while I was trying to get him ready for bed in the car

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