Thursday, June 16, 2011

Two Week Stats

We had a hard time finding a pediatrician for Keifer. We have chosen not to vaccinate and apparently most doctors are not a fan of that. However my sister in law Amy told me about her pediatrician Jill Breeze in Sherman. They chose not to vaccinate as well and she told us Dr. Breeze was ok with parent's choice. So we called and scheduled his two week appointment on May 23, 2011. We loved Dr. Breeze, she was so nice and made me feel extremely comfortable. She did his check up and said he was a healthy beautiful baby, which of course was great news! When Keifer was born his head measured 13 1/4 and had grown to 13 3/4 putting him in the 11th percentile for his head. His height was 19 1/2 at birth and had grown to 19 3/4 putting him in the 24th percentile for height. Last thing they checked for was his weight. When he was born he was 6 lbs. 1.5 oz and when we took him back three days later for his checkup he dropped to 5 lbs. 10oz. That didn't last long he just grew from there. He weighed in at 6 lbs. 11.5 oz. putting him in the 9th percentile of weight. Which is still very small since the chart for these measurements are 1-100. When I took him back to the Allen Birthing Center at 3 weeks for his heel prick and hearing test he weighed in at 7 lbs. 10 oz. Our little boy is getting so big!!!

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