Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Road to Reading

Part of our night time routine is to read Keifer a book before bed time. I started reading him books when he was about a month old. Even though I knew he didn't pay attention to the book, I wanted him to get use to reading books. It has been so fun watching him as he grows and starts to actually look at the pages. Every night after I finish reading his book Jason comes in and turns off his bedroom light then says a prayer. One night Jason came in and listened to me read Keifer his book. Jason made the comment, "Wow, he really does look at the pages and pay attention." He has even got to the point where he grabs the page and turns it. Sometimes before I'm done reading that page. : ) I've been wanting to get pictures of him so this night while Jason was reading him his book so I ran and got the camera.

 Reaching to grab the page

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