Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Keifer's new hat

Saturday we went to Bass Pro Shop for Dad's birthday gift. We gave him a gift card there and all went shopping. I absolutely love that store and love walking around! I was really excited to take Keifer there because he is so alert and loves to look at all his surroundings. I thought what better place to take him so he could look at the fish tank, rattlesnake cage and all the stuffed animals that they have around the store. Before we headed there we went to one of my Dad's favorite restaurants in Grapevine. It is a Mexican restaurant called Esparro's.
About to go eat!
 Just playing with his book while we eat
 Everything was going good and then we got into the car to go over to Bass Pro Shop and he fell asleep. Keifer's naps are super important and I was NOT going to wake him up for pictures. So I just laid him in his stroller, covered him and let him nap for a hour while we walked around. Even though Keifer didn't get to see the store he still got 2 souvenirs from the trip. I bought him a pair of overalls and my mom bought him a baseball cap. It says, My First Fishing Hat. When we got home he was awake and ready to play so I tried it on him. The hat is still a little big but he looks cute none the less! : )

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