Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Puppy Love

Keifer gets so excited every time he sees Nova. He smiles when Balboa walks by but there is just something about Nova that he loves! First thing in the morning when I go get him out of bed she follows me in there and Keifer always smiles and reaches down for her. Whenever he is playing and he sees her he stops playing and just tries to reach out for her. Nova likes him too! She ALWAYS comes and licks him. I think it is true what they say about little boys and their dogs. I can't wait to see their friendship grow as he gets older. Seeing how happy she makes him makes me so happy that we didn't get rid of our dogs (not that we were planning too) and that he Keifer can grow up with HIS Nova Dog :  )  This video is what occurs EVERY day at our house....

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