Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Remember the Alamo...

Good, because unfortunately I didn't get to get any pictures of it.

Jason has been working a lot (which is a huge blessing) but we felt like we were ready to get away. I thought Keifer is just shy of 3 months and it is time. We decided to just drive down to San Antonio for Friday night. We were not planning on staying Saturday night because we didn't want to miss church Sunday and Jason had a big school roof going on that he couldn't leave for too long. So on the morning of Friday, the 5th of August Jason headed out to Prosper for the school roof while I stayed home got Keifer dressed and packed. Normally just one night would not consist of more than one bag but things are different now, much different! I had to go over my checklist twice to make sure we would have everything we needed for Keifer to be gone for one night.

Jason got home around 12:45 so we got the car loaded up, Keifer strapped in, stopped by the post office, then to Chick Fil A for lunch, then nothing but highway for 5 hours. Keifer did GREAT for his first road trip. I could not have been any prouder of him. He stayed awake the first 30 minutes we were on the road then slept for 2 hours until his feeding time. After I fed him he stayed awake for a hour just talking to himself in his car seat then fell back asleep for the rest of the trip. Not a single cry out of him the entire time!

At 6:47pm we had arrived at  The Marriott Riverwalk. Jason and I have stayed in this hotel that last two times we came down here and we love it. This is a picture of our hotel from the Riverwalk.

As soon as we walked into the lobby we knew something was up! The place was CROWDED and we were the only ones not in costume. We went to the front desk to check in and they informed us that there was an anime convention going on in our hotel. There were about 2,000 people there for the convention and we learned quick that we chose the wrong weekend to come. However, we were there and we were going to make the best of it. After waiting 15 minutes for the elevator (because it was soooo busy) we finally got settled into our hotel room. I fed Keifer while Jason unwinded and watched some TV. I freshened up my makeup then we hit the Riverwalk.

Keifer couldn't take his eyes off the TV long enough to pose for a picture

No matter how many times I go there I still think that place is beautiful and such a treasure in Texas. Keifer was laying in his stroller just taking in the sights. He loved looking up at the trees, all the lights, and for the first time he noticed the night sky. He had his little head faced up the entire time, you couldn't even talk to him. Jason and I decided to go to the Mexican restaurant called the Iron Cactus where we went to the first night of our honeymoon. It brought back some wonderful memories and just reminded us of how far we have come. I loved that we could bring Keifer there and show him where it all started.

After dinner it was time to head back to the hotel to feed Keifer and get him in bed. I think all the excitement  of a new place kept him awake. He just laid there talking and talking and talking until he finally fell asleep at midnight. He must have been ready to start his day he woke up at 5:00 then again for good at 7:45! That is not like him at all. I guess he didn't get the memo that you are suppose to sleep in on vacation. We got up got dressed, packed up and headed down to checkout. The valet was nice enough to let us load our luggage into the car then leave it at the hotel so we could start our fun filled day! We planned to meet Aaron and his wife for lunch. They own the Pitstop, a car repair shop right down the road from our house. It is such a small world we had run into them the night before and they had asked us to join them. We went to Joe's Crabshack then planned on walking the river, going to The Alamo, and finishing our day at the Wax Museum. Our plans got cut very short. We walked the river after lunch for about 15 minutes and it was way too hot for Keifer in this Texas heat. If we had our hotel for another night then we could have gone back to the hotel and rested then gone to those two places after but since we didn't it was time to get the car and head back home.

On our way out of town we drove past The Alamo so Kefier could at least see it but there is no place for you to leave your car to jump out a take a picture. We filled up with gas and was on the road at 1:45pm. Now remember I told you Keifer woke up at 7:45am. He was so excited with all that was going around that he had not taken a nap. He still did great, he never cried just rubbed his eyes letting us know he was sleepy. After him being awake 6 hours I knew we were not going to sleep good Saturday night. As I learned at his second Ranger game if he doesn't nap then we are in for a loooonnnnnnggggg night! Keifer slept the whole way except for waking up to eat at feedings. It was nice to get away but Jason and I learned it is a lot more demanding to take a baby on vacation and out of their "everyday routine" I think we will think twice before heading out of town again and we will probably wait until he is a little bit older. All in all I would say it was a nice getaway and Kefier even seemed to be happy with it. This is Keifer telling his Daddy about his trip and what he did.....

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