Friday, August 12, 2011

3 Months

I know I have said this on the past two months but time is just flying! I have no idea where it is going and I find myself torn between wanting my newborn back and enjoying all the things Keifer is doing and looking forward to what is to come.

A few fun facts about Keifer:
He is in size 1 diapers, he is STILL wearing NB clothes (except the pants, he is too tall) and he has been able to fit in a few 0-3 month onesies. Unfortunately 0-3 pants are way too big so he wears his newborn shorts, his newborn overalls, or just a onesie. Keifer has been alert since the day he was born but he has just continued to be so alert. He just looks around the room and stares at all his surrounding taking this big world in. He has found his head and it is so funny. He just takes his hand and rubs his head going aww aww. Too cute! He laughs, smiles, and talks sooo much. He is getting very loud and has 2 different types of talking. He is staying awake 2-4 hours at a time and eats 6 times a day. He still balls his fist up but he is starting to relax his hands when he is awake and not just when he is asleep. I changed out his padding in the car seat to the bigger size for his headrest. His nicknames that we call him are K, Little Bit, Smiley Boy, and Fussy Bussy when he is getting grumpy. He LOVES to shove his fists in his mouth and suck on them. He always has to be grabbing something. When I feed him he holds onto my shirt, he constantly pulls at his shirt, he holds his burp rag. blanket, monkey man, or my hair. (We will defiantly be working on breaking that habit when he is a bit older.) Keifer is holding things really well! He can hold a toy for 15-20 minutes and he can take his pacifier out of his mouth and hold onto. I have only seen him able to put his pacifier back in his mouth twice. Hopefully he learns that soon. However he is not a fan of his pacifier so much if he isn't tired and ready for bed. Keifer's favorite things to look at are ceiling fans and the TV (even though he is not suppose to be watching the TV.) Keifer has always kicked and wailed his arms around but he is doing it a lot more! For our 3 month check up with Amy from the Birthing Center she said he talked more than any other 3 month old she had seen and he moved so much that she thought he would be crawling very soon.

Jason and I have decided not to take him to his "well visits" at the pediatrician anymore because it is $200+ every time we go and all she does is check his weight, height, and head circumference and tell us, "He looks good and is healthy." So instead of exposing him to the other sick children in the office I bought a scale and decided to track his growth myself. I found a percentile calculator on the internet and here is what he is for 3 months old. Weight 10lbs. 15oz. putting him in the 5th percentile for boys his age and he was 24.5 inches long putting him in the 50th percentile for height. Looks like we are going to have a tall skinny boy on our hands. He has very long legs just like me.

Breaking his neck trying to look back at the TV

Such a smiley boy!

 Sucking his fists as usual!

To my little boy,
You have brought so much happiness and love into my life that I didn't know was possible. Mr. Webster can not define what I feel for you and there are no words to express it. I can't even imagine what life was like without you and I don't want to know what it would be like now! I thank God for you every night and am just amazed at his mercy and grace. The biggest blessing He ever gave me was choosing me to be your Mom. It is such a honor and I'm so humbled that I am the one who gets to see your beautiful smiling face every day. I just stare at you while you are asleep and try to soak up every minute of you before you are grown. Every day I try to remember exactly what you looked like that day so I never forget you as a baby. I'm going to miss the days so much when I can't hold you and rock you anymore. I'm getting teary eyed now just thinking about it. However, I so look forward to the memories we will make in the future, the conversations we will have, the things you will say and do to make me laugh and watching you unfold into a man of God before my eyes. I pray that you have wonderful life full of opportunities and so much love. I pray that you will keep your eyes focused on our Lord and put Him first in all that you do. This is a song that I sing to you daily and I mean every word of this song when I sing it to you. Thank you for being so happy and smiling all the time it lets me know that I must be doing something right and that you love us!!! But most of all thank you for being my son and giving me the gift of being a Mommy.

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