Monday, August 22, 2011

August 21st

One year ago today Jason and I were enjoying the wonderful beaches of Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. I will never forget this day as long as I live. Our hotel room had a balcony that went out onto the roof of one of the restaurants on the beach. You could walk on the roof and see a lot more than just sitting on the balcony. When I woke up at 5:30 and found out I was pregnant there was no way I could go back to sleep. (even though I was exhausted) I wanted Jason to wake up too so we could talk but he was still very tired and had NO PROBLEM going back to sleep after I told him the results. I peeked out the curtains to our balcony and saw that the sun was just starting to rise so I decided to hop on the roof and watch the sun come up over the ocean. The beach was completely empty expect the hotel worker setting up chairs and an arch for a wedding that day. I just looked and thought about our wedding day and how far we had come. I prayed to God thanking Him for answering our prayer and asking for guidance and wisdom as I embarked on this new journey. I felt like I went to Mexico one person and came back as another. I left my childhood and days of a young married couple behind. I was coming back as a Mom and a woman.

The Roof that I sat on looking back at our hotel room balconies

My view from the roof (this is not that morning)
 The wedding that I was watching the workers set up
Jason finally woke up and we went for breakfast then just enjoyed laying out at the pool all day. It was our last day there and I wanted to enjoy it but the truth was I couldn't wait to get back and tell everyone we were having our first baby...

Jason enjoying the pool that morning after breakfast
This past year has gone by so fast and it has been so dear to my heart. I look forward to many more years and I'm surprised at how far we've come. I have the best husband in the world and Keifer has a wonderful Daddy. I couldn't have asked God for any better of a son. I can't believe not only how far we've come but how far Keifer has come...

4 weeks old (Not Keifer, but you get the idea)
Exactly one year later!

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