Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lions, Tigers and bears... Oh my!

Actually just Lions! I wanted Keifer to be an owl for Halloween however I had a hard time finding him a costume. Not just an owl costume but any costume that is. Keifer is still in size 0-3 months and the smallest size I could find was 6 months. Not too mention the cheapest I could find was $50 and I couldn't justify that money for a few hours. Since I just recently starting to sew I thought I would give it a try of making Keifer's costume. The easiest thing I could think of to make and my next choice to an owl was a lion so I spent $12 on fabric and accessories and got to work! I was so excited with how it turned out and very proud of my first attempt.
The Saturday before Halloween, Van Alstyne had trick or treating set up down town at all the businesses. So Jason and I loaded Keifer up and headed into town.

 He liked playing with his fuzzies!
We were meeting up with my sister in law Abby, other sister in law Amy, her husband Caleb and cousins Savannah and Hudson. It turned out to be cute because Keifer and Hudson were both lions. We didn't plan this but little Savannah was Dorthy. I had so much fun with Keifer for his first Halloween and look forward to many more!

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